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The Task Messenger API gives you the power to connect your application triggers to Task Messenger.

Use Case 1: When a new lead completes a "contact me" form, a task is created for a sales rep to contact the lead. The Task is programmatically assigned to the sales rep on behalf of the sales mamnager, who also receives a copy of the task in Task Messenger.

Use Case 2: When an IoT sensor device detects and triggers an anomaly, a task is created for a service technician to address the anomaly. The API lets you assigned the task to the service technician of your choosing, and assigns the task on behalf of the service technician's manager.

Use Case 3: A schooled timer triggers an alert for all mid-level managers to complete monthly reports. The API lets you send a task to all mid-level managers as a single task, and sends it on behalf of one senior-manager, who monitors the progress of the report delivieres.

There are, of course, thousands of other use cases ranging from triggers created in popular
apps like Salesforce, Slack, QuickBooks, Excel, Outlook, or Google Drive...
to costumer triggers written in the apps you create.

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